TD 100® Automated Disinfector

 for TEE probes

CS Medical is pleased to announce that the FDA has granted 510(k) clearance to the TD 100® automated TEE probe disinfector and TD‑5® high-level disinfectant. The TD 100® is the only automated TEE probe disinfector available and offers many advantages over manual reprocessing.

Advantages over manual reprocessing:


The TD 100® is only 8" deep, 24" wide, and 44" high. It can be placed close to where you use your probes without taking up excessive space needed with manual reprocessing.


The TD 100® has FDA 510k clearance. It has been tested and approved by the three major TEE manufacturers: Philips Medical, Siemens Medical and GE HealthCare.* There are already more than six hundred TD 100®s in use.

Cost Saving

Time is money and the TD 100® generates savings both in labor time and cycle time. The disinfection and rinse process requires less than one minute of operator time, while the whole process only takes 17 minutes. Because the TD 100® can be placed where you use your probes, you eliminate the need to transport the delicate probes back and forth for reprocessing. The TD 100® allows more procedures with the same probe, while reducing stress and potential damage to probes.

Printed Verification

The TD 100® performs continuous self-diagnostic tests that confirm the result in a printed report after each cycle. The date, time, disinfectant lot number and identity of both operator and probe are recorded. If needed, additional copies can be printed directly from the machine.

Protects Your Staff

TD‑5® is a glutaraldehyde-based, high-level disinfectant made specifically for the TD 100®. The single-use one-pint container is pierced inside the machine. Splashes, spills, and vapors are minimized. Fresh disinfectant is used for each cycle eliminating the need for MEC testing. An advanced vapor management system adsorbs vapors during the process.

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Fast & Easy to Use

After inserting the TEE probe into the TD 100®, you simply follow the clear prompts on the display. This takes less than one minute, 17 minutes later with no further input from the operator, the cycle is complete. Compare that to the labor intensive manual process for disinfection and rinsing.

Protects Your Probes

The TD 100® dramatically reduces the amount of stress and the potential for damage to TEE probes. The following is a manufacturers warning for TEE probes: "Do not use a transducer that has been dropped or struck against another object. The transducer is fragile and will break ... this is not covered by the warranty and service contract." Manual reprocessing exposes your probes to this type of expensive damage.

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