Customer Testimonials

CS Medical LLC

CS Medical has been our vendor for our TEE reprocessing for our TEE probes for greater than 5 years. They have consistently provided quality products that have ensured our compliance with HLD for this reusable medical devices. They have shown innovation in products that meet and exceed regulatory and best practice standards.

–Betty M. , Northside Hospital Atlanta

Our sales representative was very knowledgeable about the system and what would work best for our facility. We were given a fair quote quickly and are pleased to implement this into our workflow.

–Katy T. , Cullman Regional

We have become very dependent on our TD 100 units and the tech support at CS Medical has always been prompt and knowledgeable enough to help us with any of our support needs.

–Wayne B.

TD 100® Automated TEE Probe Disinfector

We were looking for improvement in our TEE Probe processing to reduce repair cost and improve efficiencies for our patient care. The TD 100 was the perfect solution for us. The design of the machine allows for safe high level disinfection while ensuring the delicate structures of the TEE Probe are protected. The quick 16 min cycle time has allowed us to meet demand and maintain patient safety. It was very easy for staff to learn how to operate and the education provided by CS Medical was invaluable to our success.

–Michael L. , University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

The TD 100 has been a wonderful addition to our TEE lab. It is easy to use and keeps the probes in pristine shape.

-Angela W. , University of Louisville Hospital

CS medical's TD 100 has always kept me at peace knowing my TEE scopes are being disinfected at a superior level. Their products are top notch and cover all aspects of my disinfecting needs. Thank you.

-Carson C. , Largo Medical Center

We are quite pleased with the TD 100 system for HLDing our Cardiac TEE probes. Simple to use, does not take up a great deal of space, and lets us maintain these very sensitive pieces of equipment in an organized fashion.

-Mike G. , Lutheran Medical Center

The TD 100 has improved my department's TEE probe cleaning, documentation, and time my staff used to spend processing a probe. With the TD 100, documentation is made easy while turn over-time is much faster at the same time meeting regulatory requirement.

-Charles W. , New York Methodist Hospital

Good machine.

-Hayden H. , Dayton Children's Hospital

TD 100 has increased our labs efficiency as well as aided in the prevention of HAIs.

-Tom G. , South Georgia Medical Center

[We] purchased the TD 100 last year. This machine has been very beneficial to the department. We were using the soaking method that required a 45 min soak time. Now after the manual cleaning we place the Probe in the TD 100 and turn the machine on. From the purchase to the install; it was an amazing experience.

-Lisa W. , Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

TEE Complete Care®

CS Medical has provided our hospital service with quality tools to efficiently and safely clean not only our TEE probes, but also ensure a clean environment through storage cabinets, transportation containers and HEPA air filtration. The standards and expectations for quality are being raised, and CS Medical is providing solutions to meet those standards.

–David C. , St. Marks Hospital Utah

The addition of the TD 100 system has simplified the process of probe cleaning. Furthermore, it promotes throughput by a more efficient and effective cleaning cycle.

-Jason M. , Centra Lynchburg General Hospital

Love our new TEE cleaning and storage solutions from CS Medical. Makes everything so much more efficient.

-Mary E. , UPMC Presbyterian