Medizime® LF Enzymatic Cleaner

Safely eliminate contamination on flexible scopes, surgical instruments and laundry

Medizime LF

Low foaming enzymatic detergent that effectively removes instrument soil

Medizime LF is an enzymatic cleaner used by medical professionals nationwide. The combination of enzymes and detergents is formulated to safely eliminate proteinaceous contamination and solubilize lipids on flexible scopes, surgical instruments and laundry. Medizime LF provides the added benefit of being a low foam detergent. This facilitates lower sud production in manual cleaning basins as well as in automatic cleaning devices.

The use of enzymatic cleaners, like Medizime LF, by infection control and ultrasound professionals is a critical step in instrument decontamination.

  • Saves Time: Once diluted, only 2-3 minutes of contact time is needed for fiberoptic instrumentation.
  • Easy to use: Packaged in gallon containers with an accurate 1 oz. pump dispenser.
  • Cost Efficient: Concentrated yet mild in pH.
  • Environmentally Safe: 100% biodegradeable and phosphate free. The solution is gentle on the environment.
Medizime LF, 1 Gallon Container, 4 Containers per case