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Training, verification and preventative maintenance necessary for all CS Medical products

Annual Device Service Contract

Preventative maintenance is essential to ensuring the TD 100® provides your healthcare facility with long and continuous service. The TD 100 provides high-level disinfection of a TEE ultrasound probe through an FDA 510k cleared method. By heating the single-use high-level disinfectant, the TEE probe can be disinfected in 5 minutes. After the disinfection, the TD 100 continues to care for the TEE probe by rinsing the residual high-level disinfectant from the probe shaft. During disinfection and rinse the probe is securely held inside the TD 100 disinfection reservoir to prevent stress and shock to the TEE probe.

CS Medical offers an extensive service contract for those health care facilities wanting to utilize the device manufacture for ongoing maintenance of the TD 100. Our highly trained service technician will work with appointed healthcare staff to ensure the TD 100 is functioning within manufacturer recommended guidelines. The annual device service contract provides parts for any reported TD 100 issue during the term of the agreement. During the service contract CS Medical certified technician will visit the TD 100 installation site and provide an annual verification of device functionality to manufacturer specifications as well as conduct a staff training on proper operation and preventative maintenance aspects of the TD 100. During the term of the service contract and at the time of the performance check, if the device is deemed non-repairable then CS Medical will provide the healthcare facility with another TD 100 at no charge.

Annual Device Service Contract

Training and Verification

Proper operation of the TD 100 is essential to ensuring each TEE probe receives the correct care and high-level disinfection. CS Medical recommends the TD 100 receive an annual verification to confirm all operational parameters of the device are within manufacturer's specification. The performance check includes a full diagnostic checkup of the TD 100. At the conclusion of the verification, a CS Medical technician will provide the healthcare facility with a written record of the service verification event. Training of staff, using the TD 100, will be conducted by the CS Medical technician to ensure competency of use as well as required preventative maintenance to ensure device readiness. At the conclusion of the training, the service technician will provide a written training record for all staff in attendance.

TD 100 Training and Verification

Web-Based TD 100 In-Service Training

For over a decade the TD 100 has been an effective tool in the reprocessing of TEE ultrasound probes by providing high-level disinfection in only 5 minutes. In order to ensure proper operation of the TD 100, an in-service training is completed at the conclusion of each installation and verification of operation. CS Medical service staff provides a step-by-step, hands-on training program for proper operation and preventative maintenance of the device. The web-based training portal provides the same training subject matter as directed by CS Medical staff, but is offered as an on-demand tool to meet competency requirements within your healthcare facility or outlined by TJC (The Joint Commission). The web-based training program includes a proficiency quiz and competency certificate upon completion of the program.

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