TPorter® TEE Ultrasound Probe Transportation Case

Securely and effectively holds the TEE probe during transport

TPorter Probe Transportation Case

Patent Pending No. 62/347,838
TPorter provides a complete compliance solution for TEE probe transport

TPorter™, TEE Ultrasound Probe Transportation Case, was designed to effectively and securely move high-level disinfected TEE ultrasound probes to the procedure area and then return the biologically soiled TEE ultrasound probe for reprocessing. TPorter is a complete delivery system that allows healthcare personnel to move delicate TEE ultrasound probes throughout the healthcare facility and deliver them in a manner that creates a standardized operating procedure. TPorter, as a dedicated transportation device, will help minimize the risk of probe damage and reduce staff exposure to potentially hazardous biological material. CS Medical engineers created TPorter to be more than just a TEE ultrasound probe transportation case, TPorter is an engineered solution for the healthcare professional that cleans, high-level disinfects, stores and delivers TEE ultrasound probes for patient care.

A well-designed TEE transportation system is recognized as an important contributor to the extended service life of a TEE probe. The delicate nature of a TEE probe requires a solution that securely and adequately holds the TEE ultrasound probe during transport without adding stress or shock to the probe handle, shaft or distal tip.

TPorter is designed with a variety of molded compartments to accommodate the TEE ultrasound probe, bite block(s), a PullUp Bio-Barrier Sleeve and a TEEZyme® enzymatic sponge. Carried just like a suitcase or placed into a multiple compartment utility cart like the TransPorter Mobile Cart, TPorter solves the current issues associated with TEE ultrasound probe transportation. The TPorter transport case provides a standardized method for delivering the necessary components to the procedure room. It then promotes the proper point of care bedside cleaning, as described by the TEE ultrasound probe manufactures and allows for the secure transport of the biologically soiled ultrasound probe to the reprocessing area.

TPorter is constructed of rugged polycarbonate with a slide locking lid and a color indicator band to identify TEE ultrasound probe status. A cleaned and high-level disinfected TEE Probe covered by the PullUp TEE Probe Cover would be transported inside TPorter sealed with a green band and require removal at the point of use. Once the probe has been soiled, a red band, held within the TPorter compartment, will be placed on the case to identify the presence of a potentially biohazardous material. By combining the green and red banding system, with the PullUp Sleeves, the TPorter is easily identified by all staff of the current condition of the enclosed TEE ultrasound probe.

PullUp Biohazard Cover

Pull-Up Biohazard Cover, 100 per case

Cleaning of TPorter, between cases, can be accomplished with several types of hard surface disinfectants, such as Solucide®, or other non-alcohol based hard surface disinfectants. The polycarbonate material will also allow for low-temperature autoclave by the healthcare facility, if desired.

To ensure a successful high-level disinfection after the TEE procedure, it is important to pre-clean the probe with an enzymatic cleaner to remove proteins and prevent the drying of foreign materials. This step in the process is critical to ensure proper ultrasound probe cleaning and subsequent high-level disinfection. TEEZyme®, CS Medical's single-use pre-saturated enzymatic sponge is the ideal tool for pre-cleaning, at the patient bedside, prior to TPorter returning the soiled TEE ultrasound probe back for manufacturer recommended cleaning and subsequent high-level disinfection.

TPorter Tie Band (dirty)

Tie Bands, 200 per pack (100 clean, 100 dirty)
Getting the Soiled TEE Ultrasound Probe to reprocessing with TPorter:

Once the TEE ultrasound probe has been enzymatically pre-cleaned, the healthcare professional should place the PullUp Bio-Barrier Sleeve, located within the TPorter case, onto the TEE ultrasound probe insertion tube. The purpose of the PullUP is to prevent the enzymatic and non-HLD components of the TEE ultrasound probe from contacting each other. The PullUp is designed to completely cover the insertion tube of the TEE ultrasound probe. The unique cone shaped receiver allows healthcare professionals to place the insertion tip of the TEE ultrasound probe into the PullUp Bio-Barrier Sleeve and easily pull the cover over the complete distance of the enzymatically cleaned TEE ultrasound probe. The receiver cone also provides another identification label of the potential biohazard in the sealed, red tagged TPorter transportation case.

Once TPorter arrives at the point of reprocessing the high-level disinfection technician will physically remove the red tag and slide the lid for removal and access to the soiled TEE ultrasound probe. The ultrasound probe should be removed from TPorter and reprocessing should begin per TEE ultrasound probe manufacturer’s recommendation.

TPorter pictured with TransPorter Mobile Cart

TPorter, TEE Ultrasound Probe Transportation and Procedure Case is the healthcare professional's smart choice for TEE ultrasound probe transport to the procedure room and then safely returning the soiled probe for cleaning and high-level disinfection. TPorter creates a standard of care that increases staff compliance with recommended practices for reprocessing TEE ultrasound probes while providing a secure method for transportation of both clean and soiled TEE ultrasound probes.

PullUp is a registered trademark of Protek Medical Products, Inc.

TPorter is not designed as a long-term storage solution but as a tool to transport high-level disinfected TEE probes to the procedure room and to return a soiled TEE probe to be reprocessed prior to re-use. A positive pressure HEPA filtered cabinet, that allows the TEE ultrasound probe to be hung vertically, is recommended by TJC (The Joint Commission), ultrasound probe manufacturers and CS Medical.

TPorter TEE Transport Device, 27.5" W x 19" D x 3.75" H