CS Medical would like to announce the release of TEE Complete Care. TEE Complete Care was created and designed to assist healthcare professionals with how to reprocess a TEE ultrasound probe between patients. The TEE Complete Care solution provides step by step instruction with advanced products to ensure the proper reprocessing of TEE probes. Point of use cleaning, probe transport, cleaning, probe drying and storage are all addressed in the TEE Complete Care solution. The TEEZyme® sponges, TPorter® transportation device, QwikDry® drying cloths and CleanShield® storage cabinet allow healthcare professionals to have the tools they need to minimize HAIs through evidence based guidance by CS Medical and the TEE Complete Care solution.

CS Medical's President, Mark Leath stated, "I am extremely excited and proud that we continue to work hard to provide added value in our relationship with healthcare professionals. The TEE Complete Care solution is another example of how CS Medical can aide in the fight to minimize HAIs. We at CS Medical hope this solution with its products, will continue to exceed both current and future customer expectations. Our technical team continues to develop and deliver quality solutions that assist healthcare professionals with the tools and guidance to manage TEE ultrasound probe care."

For more than 10 years, CS Medical has provided the TD 100 Automated TEE Ultrasound Probe Disinfector to healthcare facilities throughout the United States. To date, the TD 100 has completed over 2.3 million successful disinfections with TD-5 and continues to provide validated and repeatable high-level disinfection for "dirty" TEE probes.

CS Medical is focused on all aspects of TEE ultrasound probe care with products like TEEZyme® enzymatic sponges, QwikDry® TEE drying cloths, electrical leakage testing, and HEPA filtered ultrasound probe storage. Our core product, the TD 100, is an example of our commitment to innovation and to the health and safety of medical patients and staff. CS Medical is pleased to be your partner in providing proven and effective solutions for TEE Complete Care.

About CS Medical

CS Medical LLC, founded in 2003, is a leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing medical devices that are designed to provide high-level disinfection of ultrasound TEE probes. Our products are engineered and developed with one single objective in mind: to minimize the potential that a patient could be exposed to an improperly reprocessed TEE ultrasound probe. Our core product, the TD 100, is an example of our ongoing commitment for innovation while not jeopardizing the health and safety of medical staff or patients.

Our corporate headquarters is located in Creedmoor, NC. CS Medical’s products facilitate the delivery of quality device care and storage while helping to minimize healthcare operational costs, improving device readiness and increasing regulatory compliance.