Annual Device Service Contract

Preventative maintenance is essential to the TD 100®

Preventative maintenance is essential to ensuring the TD 100® Automated TEE Probe Disinfector provides your healthcare facility with long and continuous service. CS Medical offers an extensive service contract for those health care facilities wanting to utilize the device manufacture for ongoing maintenance of the TD 100. Our highly trained service technician will work with appointed healthcare staff to ensure the TD 100 is functioning within manufacturer recommended guidelines. The annual device service contract provides parts for any reported TD 100 issue during the term of the agreement.

During the service contract CS Medical certified technician will visit the TD 100 installation site and provide an annual verification of device functionality to manufacturer specifications as well as conduct a staff training on proper operation and preventative maintenance aspects of the TD 100.

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  • Service performed by highly trained CS Medical service technician

  • Parts provided for any reported TD 100 issue during the term of the agreement


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Annual Device Service Contract
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