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As the leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of medical devices designed to provide high-level disinfection of ultrasound TEE probes, CS Medical continues to innovate through superior technologies and products. We are committed to providing the best possible solutions for infection prevention that support healthcare professionals worldwide.

CS Medical goes beyond high-level disinfection of TEE probes, CS Medical believes in managing the quality of care given to delicate TEE probes. Our TEE Complete Care® offering provides solutions for the healthcare facility to minimize TEE ultrasound probe damage and reduce the potential of contaminating high-level disinfected probes prior to use. These products address the following areas: bedside cleaning, electrical leakage testing, drying, transporting and storing the TEE ultrasound probe. Our objective is to manage the care given to each TEE probe thus allowing for a reduction in healthcare associated infections.

Tporter - FAQS

A: TPorter should be cleaned and disinfected between every use, immediately after a soiled TEE probe is removed, including the carry tray and lid prior to each use. Discard Tie-Bands after single use. Clean and disinfect TPorter inside and outside following surface cleaner/disinfectant directions for wetted contact times. Do NOT use high pressure SPD washers or sterilizers to reprocess TPorter. Do NOT use cart cleaner/washer systems to reprocess TPorter.

A: QwikDry is effective in removing moisture from the TEE/TOE probe shaft after high-level disinfection has occurred. A wet probe can capture airborne particulate present in the environment and contaminate the TEE/TOE probe. Storage of a wet TEE/TOE probe can lead to contamination via waterborne bacteria. A properly dried TEE probe is critical in all aspects of the reprocessing cycle.

A: No, the TPorter is designed only for TEE/TOE probes with special compartments to protect and hold all aspects of the TEE probe safely and securely during transport.

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