QwikDry® Ultrasound Probe Drying Cloth

Adequately dry ultrasound probes prior to reuse or storage


Effectively removes moisture and slides freely over ultrasound probe shafts

The introduction of potentially harmful contaminates after a TEE ultrasound probe has been properly high-level disinfected is a reality in today's healthcare environment.

A properly dried ultrasound probe, prior to storage, is critical in minimizing the possibility of water-borne bacteria contamination during storage. A wet probe, stored in a plastic sheath or hung freely for drying, can allow airborne contaminates to foster growth of spores and bacteria. Some of the current methods employed for drying after high-level disinfection include; reusable sponge, paper towel, cotton cloth, and surgical gauze. These solutions, though effective in the drying of a TEE probe, could introduce outside contaminates. The sponge, if reused, could foster spore and bacteria growth while the towel, cloth and gauze could contain outside contaminates introduced during the manufacturing or handling process prior to being used.

QwikDry removes the current issues associated with other drying methods employed in today’s healthcare facilities. QwikDry is an individually packaged, irradiated cloth with a super absorbent matrix and ultra-smooth texture surface that effectively removes moisture and slides freely over the TEE ultrasound probe shaft. Each cloth is designed for single-use, thus removing the potential for cross-contamination and potential microbiological growth. The QwikDry Ultrasound probe drying cloths are the next solution for healthcare professional that are tasked with minimizing healthcare associated infections.

QwikDry Ultrasound probe drying cloths have been developed to give healthcare professionals the added confidence of properly dried ultrasound TEE probes prior to re-use or storage. The super absorbent pad effectively removes moisture from TEE ultrasound probes without damaging the probe or sticking to the ultrasound probe during the drying process. The QwikDry cloth is simple to use and is packaged in an easy to open Chevron pouch. The QwikDry cloth can be opened prior to removal of the TEE probe from CS Medical's TD 100® Automated TEE Probe Disinfector. Once the disinfected TEE probe is removed from the TD 100, simply apply the QwikDry cloth to the insertion shaft of the probe and slide it freely down the shaft to absorb any residual moisture.

  • Individually Irradiated Drying Cloth
  • Size of cloth: 6" X 6"
  • Lint free
  • Single-use
  • Non-abrasive surface for easy glide on TEE probe
  • Individually packaged, irradiated cloth
  • Engineered textile with internal high absorbent membrane