High-Level Disinfectants

TD-5® and TD-8® provide high-level disinfection in 5 Minutes when used with the TD 100® or TEEClean®

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Single Use HLD

Over Disinfections to Date

When determining the right disinfectant for your TD 100 Automated TEE Probe Disinfector or your TEEClean Automated TEE Probe Cleaner Disinfector remember that both the TD-5 and TD-8 have the same exact indications for use and perform inside the TD 100 and TEEClean identically. TD-5 and TD-8 are both heated and held in contact with the TEE probe for 5 minutes, and have been tested to effectively kill potentially harmful microorganisms without damaging the TEE probe.

For over 10 years, TD-5 has been used to complete millions of high-level disinfections with the TD 100. FDA cleared in 2016, TD-8 provides healthcare institutes with an additional disinfectant to be utilized in the TD 100 for HLD of the delicate TEE probes.


The TD-8 disinfectant is a single-use, 0.59% Ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) based, high-level disinfectant that when used with the TD 100 or TEEClean, provides a five minute high-level disinfection of TEE probes.


The TD-5 disinfectant is a single-use, 2.65% glutaraldehyde based, high-level disinfectant that when used with the TD 100 or TEEClean, provides a five minute high level disinfection of TEE probes.



Testing and Approvals

The TD 100 with either TD-5 or TD-8 have been tested by TEE probe manufacturers for material compatibility. Both the machine and disinfectants have been approved by these companies for use in the high-level disinfection of their individual TEE probes. Please contact your probe manufacturer for full details and compliance documentation.



Single dose packaging - No MRC testing required FDA cleared/CE marking approved high-level disinfectant Single-use, one-pint container is pierced inside the machine
High-Level Disinfection in 5 minutes when used with the TD 100 or TEEClean Packaging design is simple and safe to use Chemical splashes, spills, and vapors are contained through an advanced vapor management system within the TD 100 or the TEEClean


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Product Information

OPA Disinfectant, 32 Bottles per case
Glutaraldehyde Disinfectant, 32 bottles per case

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