Easily transfer multiple TEE Ultrasound Probes safely and securely

TransPorter Mobile Cart for TPorter

TransPorter Mobile Cart is designed for the simple and safe movement of multiple TPorter TEE Ultrasound Probe Transportation and Procedure Cases.

TransPorter securely holds four TPorter cases within an individually dedicated compartment. TransPorter mobile cart provides flexibility and a high degree of usability as staff manages the distribution and collection of expensive and delicate TEE ultrasound probes throughout the healthcare facility.

TransPorter has a stainless steel worktop that allows a TPorter case to be placed on top so the technican can position the high-level disinfected TEE ultrasound probe and other critical point-of-care supplies into the dedicated compartments of TPorter. TransPorter is shipped fully assembled with two locking casters and two free-floating casters.