Master Aldehyde Clean-Up Kit

Effectively manage disinfectant spills by placing the clean-up kit at the point of use

Clean-Up Kit

Provides occupational exposure and spill containment for accidental aldehyde spills

Spills of disinfectant at a health care facility pose numerous issues. Proper containment and cleanup is critical to ensure hospital patient and staff safety. A clean up kit should not only be readily available and contain all the necessary components to manage and contain the spill but also offer the person responding to clean up the spill necessary barriers in prevention of vapor exposure.

The Clean‑Up Kit is compact and can be placed near the point of use as The Joint Commission Hazardous Material Plan requires. Each kit contains materials to effectively neutralize, protect and clean-up small spills.

  • Aldehyde respirator
  • Scoop/scraper (2)
  • 30 gallon bag
  • Instructions
Aldehyde Clean-Up Kit