Document successful completion of high-level disinfections

HLD Documentation Log

Retains successful TD 100® HLD cycles and creates a standard of care for TEE probe reprocessing

CS Medical developed the HLD TRACKER as an aide to the healthcare professional in maintaining a continuous documentation log of successful high-level disinfections. The TD 100, at completion of a successful disinfection cycle, provides a print out that records the following data: disinfectant contact time, average disinfectant temperature, probe and operator ID, disinfectant lot number and time and date of the disinfection cycle. Many healthcare facilities SOP's require maintaining this data for an extended period of time and the HLD TRACKER is the solution.

The HLD TRACKER will maintain 200 individual disinfection events as well as document the necessary pre-care steps required prior to high-level disinfection of a TEE probe. Current IAC guidelines require a TEE probe to be electrical leak tested prior to high-level disinfection. The HLD TRACKER allows the healthcare professional to document the successful completion of this activity. The HLD TRACKER can serve as a permanent record for each TEE probe high-level disinfected by the TD 100. The reprocessing technician will attach the printed verification report to the HLD TRACKER and then record any additional pertinent details of the individual case.

HLD Tracker