Passive Dosimeter Badges

Establish a baseline and then monitor for staff's safety

Dosimeter Badges

Providing an industry recognized method to monitor employee exposure levels

CS Medical's passive dosimeter monitoring is a reliable solution for sampling healthcare employees' exposure to hazardous high-level disinfectants. Exposure monitoring is achieved by simply clipping a badge on the employee's collar; the dosimeter badge collects vapor levels in the employee's breathing zone. The results are scientific and give a detailed analysis of employee exposure vapor levels without hampering their performance or workflow.

CS Medical's Dosimeter Exposure Badges consist of a low-density molded casing blanketed by a polypropylene membrane. The molded base allows the adsorbent to fit snugly inside the interior of the badge for even diffusion.

The badge cover optimizes the membrane surface area to allow for maximum exposure.

Chemical vapors are passively collected through a diffusion-controlled system that allows for a constant sampling of analyte onto a specific collection medium.

The adsorbent inside the badge acts as a vapor sink with a very large absorption capacity.

  • Gives you real TWA and STEL exposures, not estimates or assumptions to risk levels
  • Allows you to evaluate individual differences in employee work practices by comparing results of employees doing the same jobs without direct observation
  • Allows you to measure exposure without interference from an "expert observer" during onsite visits
  • Permits you to test immediately if employee(s) report exposure concerns
  • Gives you the necessary data to establish baselines and acceptable practices within the work place
  • Compliance with OSHA recommended accuracy of +/- 25% for the 8‑hour TWA or 15‑minute STEL
  • Specific for Glutaraldehyde, OPA, hydrogen peroxide and Peracetic Acid
  • Convenient and easy to use by staff
  • Each badge has at least a 6 month shelf life
  • Compliance with OSHA 95% confidence level
  • Ambient temperature storage prior to use
Glutaraldehyde Passive Sensor Badge
Glutaraldehyde Passive Sensor Badge, 6 pk
OPA Passive Sensor Badge
OPA Passive Sensor Badge, 6 pk
Hydrogen Peroxide Passive Sensor Badge
Hydrogen Peroxide Passive Sensor Badge, 6 pk