UV Light Box

Shortwave UV Light for N95 Decontamination

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UV Light Box

Shortwave UV light has been used for years to decontaminate surfaces. The growing need to decontaminate N95 respirators has placed shortwave UV light as an alternative to other chemical based methods.

AirClean® Systems has been manufacturing workstations with shortwave light for more than 20 years. Taking the known research data and applying it, AirClean Systems has developed the UV light box for decontamination of N95 respirators.

The UV light box is equipped with AirClean Systems UVTect™ microprocessor controller that allows for constant monitoring of the UV light bulbs and allows for user definable irradiation time.

The UV light box is constructed from thermally fused polypropylene and has a clear polycarbonate access door. The polycarbonate door reflects UV light and has an additional safety feature in the door position sensor that ensures the UV Light source is not illuminated when the door is open.

AirClean Systems UV Light Box is designed to protect the end user from exposure to potentially harmful shortwave light energy while providing the ability to irradiate N95 masks.

Guidelines for N95 mask decontamination can be found on the following websites: CDC, NIH, and www.n95decon.org.

Disclaimer: End users should consider material compatibility before exposure to UV light as repeated exposure to shortwave UV light has been found to damage certain materials. The AirClean Systems UV light box is only designed to provide UV-C decontamination of N95 respirators. Do not place TEE probes in the AirClean Systems UV Light Box. This product does not sterilize. Contact AirClean Systems for more details.


Product Information

24" UV Light Box with UVTect Microprocessor Controller
42" UV Light Box with UVTect Microprocessor Controller

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